we have already informed you that Slovenia is hosting the international project 

"Competent To Do - The transfer of competences for tutors to achieve business (vocational) and social competences of female prisoners and ex-offenders",


There are six partners: CDI Univerzum, Zavod MiT, Center Spirala from Slovenia, Frauen Computer Zentrum Berlin (FCZB) from Germany, University College Nikola Subic Zrinski (UCEEM-NSZ) from Croatia and ZISPB from Lithuania. Also, three silent partners are involved in this project (ZPKZ IG and ZRSZZ from Slovenia, Panevežio suaugusiuju mokykla from Lithuania).




During last months project activities was intense and productive : CTD partners successfully organized meeting, pilot implementation and also award ceremony in the prison.


  • 4th meeting of our partners was organized in Šiauliai (Lithuania) on 28-29 April and the agenda included discussion about the pilot implementation in Lithuania and Slovenia, dissemination and presentation of the pilot results by the external evaluator.
  • Additionally, a press conference with the regional television was held during the meeting and partners visited Panevėžys Correction House where the representatives showed the premises of the institution, the state enterprise where some of the women can work, the school where inmates can obtain primary, basic or secondary education.


Link to the TV report about the project (from 9:40 min.)


  • In Slovenia, the education and training of the participants started January 13, 2015 and ended May 27, 2015. There were 8 participants in the group. 


  • During this time, we carried out 17 work meetings and an additional meeting when the participants wrote their written test, which was also one of criterion for the selection of two participants who will be enabled to finish their secondary school education.


  • On June 16, the award ceremony took place in the prison. All participants of the project received certificates for the successful completion of the CTD pilot implementation.


  • The ceremony was followed by music performance prepared by two prisoners.


 Participants recieved from CDI Univerzum business bags and USB sticks with all contents of the topics in the pilot implementation.


  • Apart from the Slovene CTD project partners, The Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Justice, National Prison Administration and some tutors from the project visited the award ceremony.






More information about this project can be found through the offical web-site of the project:


More information about the upcoming project activities will be described in next newletter in October 2015.  

5th Final Project Meeting will be held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 3rd-4th of September 2015. 

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