A few months ago we have already informed you that Slovenia is hosting the international project 

"Competent To Do - The transfer of competences for tutors to achieve business (vocational) and social competences of female prisoners and ex-offenders",

with the participation of four countries which are, besides Slovenia and Croatia, also Lithuania and Germany. 

There are six partners: CDI Univerzum, Zavod MiT, Center Spirala from Slovenia, Frauen Computer Zentrum Berlin (FCZB) from Germany, University College Nikola Subic Zrinski (UCEEM-NSZ) from Croatia and ZISPB from Lithuania. Also, three silent partners are involved in this project (ZPKZ IG and ZRSZZ from Slovenia, Panevežio suaugusiuju mokykla from Lithuania).




 After three project meetings in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Berlin ( Germany) and Zagreb (Croatia), project was countinued with creation on Open Curriculum from the project partner University College Nikola Subic Zrinski (UCEEM-NSZ) and selection of women prisoners fro the training - acquisition of busniss and social competences in the pilot implementation in Slovenia and Lithuania. 


Open Curriculum consists of 2 Modules A and B - Module A is related to General Entrepreneurial Competences and Module B is related to Social Competences of target groups, but also beneficiaries in this project.


The training in Panevėžys Corrrection House in Lithuania has just started! There have been selected 9 women. The combination of social and business competences' training is applied. Trainers who have been trained in Berlin in April 2014 conduct the workshops. There were 4 trainers prepared for the pilot implementation: Simona Preidytė, Vitalija Šližienė, Aurelija Jankienė and Asta Jaseliūnienė and this is how the training looks like:



In Slovenia, in prison in Ig, near Ljubljana, training looked like this:


 Dissemination activities within this project were very organized in Germany in the last months, so this project was presented in several events, such as:




On the 2nd of December the final event of the project "Transit - Qualification, work and transition management in the prison system" took place in the plenary hall of the chamber court of Berlin. Work of all project Partner was presented. At the same time, the project results were handed over to the representatives attending the Senate Department for Justice and Consumer Protection.





Finally, a view was given to new FCZB projects such as "Competent To Do - The transfer of competences for tutors to achieve business (vocational) and social competences of female prisoners and ex-offenders".



More information about this project can be found through the offical web-site of the project:

More information about the upcoming project activities will be described in next newletter.